Main Topics

Main topics of the Symposium include (but not limited with) the following:

Research Data

  • Definition
  • Access
  • Processing, analysis and visualization
  • Sharing and reuse
  • Quality
  • Standards
  • Preservation
  • Long-term stability
  • Security
  • Ownership
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Research data as big data

Research Data Infrastructure

  • Infrastructures and networks for research data management (OpenAIRE, ODE)
  • European Infrastructure for e-Science Digital Repositories (e-SciDR)
  • Systems and tools for research data management
  • Research data storage, back up and recovery
  • Research data management in the cloud
  • Cloud computing and research data
  • Research data repositories
  • Registry of research data repositories (re3data)
  • DOIs for research datasets (DataCite)

Research Data Management

  • Research data lifecycle management
  • Research data management policies
  • Research data management planning tools
  • Digital curation and preservation of research data
  • Digital forensics
  • Current research information systems (CRIS)
  • Research data management in science, technology and medicine
  • Research data management in social sciences, arts and humanities
  • Spatial research data management
  • Digital libraries and research data
  • Innovative and collaborative research data management
  • Intelligent openness
  • Privacy issues in research data
  • Funding research data management
  • Support services for researchers, students and general public

Open Access to Research Data

  • Open access to publicly funded research data
  • Institutional repositories for research data
  • Scholarly publishing and research data
  • Research data journals
  • Open source digital curation tools (BitCurator)
  • Open source research data management systems (CKAN)
  • Policies and strategies for open access to research data
  • Research data metrics

Knowledge Discovery in Research Data

  • Knowledge discovery techniques
  • Mining large research data sets
  • Research data metadata standards (CERIF)
  • Semantic enrichment of research data
  • Knowledge representation
  • Search, indexing and retrieval of research data
  • Data triage
  • Metadata harvesting
  • Metadata extraction
  • Metadata export
  • Metadata management
  • Metadata interoperability and standards for research data

Education for Research Data Management

  • Education of data scientists
  • Education of data librarians
  • Research data curation education
  • Education for biomedical and environmental informatics
  • Bioinformatics education
  • Digital humanities, arts and e-social sciences